High Vibe Dance & Fitness

This is where you’ll find your tribe if you’re looking for fun, judgement-free dance and fitness classes.

Created by Sam Bell – bundle of energy extraordinaire – High Vibe is all about the pursuit of happiness and feeling good.

Here, we care more about joy than perfection and expression above ability.


My classes for children focus on fun, rather than progression and achievement.

Children get to enjoy dance without competition or fear of failure.  Classes are high energy and lots of fun!

Class are available from age 0+
We are never too young to fall in love with dance!




I’m a qualified dance and fitness instructor.  My passion lies in helping women feel the joy of moving their bodies.  I enable and encourage women to have fun with dance and exercise.

I offer a range of classes and workshops for adults both online and in person.


4.00pm – Zumba Kids

6.30pm – Zumba

9.15am – Zumba

6.30pm – Zumba

9.15am – Zumba Toning & Step