SHINE: Ignite Your Inner Glow


SHINE: Ignite Your Inner Glow



SHINE: Ignite Your Inner Glow

Transform in 28 Days with a Program to Boost SELF-CONFIDENCE and Get FITTER and STRONGER, No Diet or Gym. It’s specifically designed for busy working mums, like you ❤️

Ignite your inner glow with my revolutionary Inner Glow Workout Plan. A transformative blend of fitness and mental health with easy-to-follow home workouts designed to get busy mums in shape, boost self confidence and radiate positivity from within. No gym. No crazy diets.

I’ll help you unleash your potential with weekly Shine Check-ins. A space where you’ll receive personalized insights so you stay motivated & focused, achieving lasting change from the inside out (this is something you WONT find in a gym). Never feel alone, overwhelmed or confused. We do this together.

Here’s what;s included:

  • The easy-to-follow Inner Glow Workout Plan that blends fitness and mental health that you can do at home
  • The weekly Shine Check-ins to keep you motivated and progressing each week
  • “Unlock Your Brilliance: Empowering SHINE Workbook with Engaging Activities and Inspiring Prompts!” – Value $97
  • “Colour Confidence: Unleash Clever Hacks for Looking Slimmer and Younger with Colour!” Value – $29
  • BONUS Remember Who The F#@k You Are Day Retreat – Value $97

Are you ready to SHINE?


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